Saturday, June 4, 2011

Defender of a Shattered World

Elladrion: 1, Nefarion 0. Well, okay more like Nefarion 9. Plus the other nights we fought him. Still, he's dead, and I've killed every fight in cata on normal, happy days. Most of our raid team got their titles on monday, but I was an alternate so I had to wait, which is fine. Except that we killed him less than an hour into raid night. Off to knock out 25man sartharion 3D for the mount, and then some rated BGs.

Now, you would THINK that a group that raids together every week would work pretty well together in such content. You'd be wrong tho. You'd be dead wrong in fact. First BG was arathi basin, and we started out pretty weak with only stables and GM (we were alliance for the match), and just couldn't get a 3rd base. We'd hit somewhere, and they'd have reinforcements before we could cap. Finally we decided to use a feint, 2 of us went for LM and sure enough the reinforcements came and stomped us out good. But that left our real teams to go for BS and farm, and they just couldn't respond to a 3 front attack. We got BS and managed to keep all 3 until the very end. We started slowly losing nodes, but it was far too late by then. Score! we won a rated BG! On the first try!

Yeah, that didn't last so long. Twin Peaks twice in a row, horrible horrible losses both. No real plan, no real coordination. Just terrible. And made all the worse because the first was against another guild on our server, and the next was against the AB group. Still, I'd love to do some more, some of the funnest times in all of wow were the X-realm AV groups that just set up over vent and ran 24/7.

Now THOSE were some fun times! If you weren't lucky enough to be a part of it, it happened on Rampage battlegroup in late BC. A guild decided to do cross-realm pugs and had a HUGE 200 man vent server, forums, denoted raid leaders. Basically all you did was join their vent server, wait for a 40 man channel to get an open slot, and then queueing was coordinated over vent. It worked WAY better than AV enabler addon did, leader just counted down and everyone queued at the same time. A battleground would pop, anyone that didn't get that specific one would drop and requeue for that specific one (this was back when you could queue for specific instanced battlegrounds, like AV6 or WSG 8). Once inside, everything was by groups, so it didn't matter what group you got in the leader would hit their strategy macro. Went something like groups 1-4 kill Balinda then recap towers, group 5 take SHB, group 6 take IWB, group 7 and 8 take stormpike GY and all stealther no matter what group would take north/south bunker. Once everything burned you'd hit vann and boom! Easy honor in 11 minutes.  And because it was across all realms on the battlegroup it didn't look like a preform, it just looked like you got magically steamrolled!

Of course, the alliance caught on and tried doing their own preforms with the same strategy, and occasionally you'd meet and THOSE were some fun times! I remember one in particular. I can't remember the leader's name, but I remember him being kinda controversial because he would berate people for messing up and yell at people in vent, and just not generally a nice person. But he got stuff done, I loved him. And this particular time we went up against another preform, and I'll never forget the way he said "Fuck your fast honor, we're winning this. I DO NOT LOSE TO PREMADES!" Virtually everyone was in full agreement, and by god it took us 49 grueling minutes of back and forth tower capping, bunker capping, GY capping, recapping, re-recapping, trinketing back to base and recapping, all of it on the fly, all of it called out by this guy. IT. WAS. AMAZING!

So yeah, I'm thinking <Insomnia> needs one of these guys, a strong voice that knows his shit and calls it out, and people do exactly that. In raids, it's Vadz, and he's good at it. But he doesn't pvp, and certainly doesn't know the best strategies. I hope we keep this up, this was fun.