Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September update

Well, I'm playing again with renewed fervor, almost entirely due to the announced transmogrification. Spent the last few days leveling the priest I originally made in BC and never got to level cap, just so she could go back and get her T6 (already got 4 pieces now! woo!).

After seeing an article on WoW Insider about a classic raiding guild, I made Eirik, a human paladin twink, and got him up to 60 over on Draka, only to realize there really isn't anything left to do at 60, it's all been removed and "updated" for other levels. Half the raids are gone, many of the old level cap dungeons are now leveling dungeons. And unlike my 70 twink, turning off XP puts you into the different twink-only battlegrounds, which never pop. There is a grand total of 4 old world dungeons left to do at 60 now, whereas a 70 has all the heroics available, and a total of 4 raids left. The classic raiding guild is hardcore too, 4 nights a week and full DKP system in place, might be a little too much for a fun side-project, they expect this to be a dedicated main.

Been running lots of old raids on all my characters lately, which is AWESOME! Almost got Rhelyk his ICC achievement drake, finished Khael's T1, odds and ends on other characters too.

And of course Elladrion, who has now defeated firelands...sort of. He's now 7/7 normal modes, but since you don't freaking kill ragnaros that means almost nothing beyond a simple number higher than 6/7. Might be different if a Sulfuras had dropped, he's still rocking Shulag off of Cho'gall. Got his 4 piece at least so I don't have to look at those godawful troll shoulders anymore. Here's hoping 4.3 drops soon, so he can start rocking his old sets!