Monday, August 8, 2011

I updated. I totally did! You just missed it is all.

So yeah, 2 months without a post. That's how to do it. Been doing a lot in game and out, brand new patch, brand new alts. My main scource of entertainment has been my 70 twink Alaerion on Stonemaul. Horde side of course. Belf paladin of course. He has single handedly reinvigorated the entire game for me. All that's old is new again.

Seriously, I have had a blast with my 70 prot paladin, running old dungeons. Gaining old reputations. Gearing took a day of dedicated battlegrunds and I'm in full brutal gladiator gear, pulling around 2500 dps as the tank! Dungeons are quick and easy but deadly if I pull too much, just like they should be. I can hold aggro again on groups, what a novelty!  And my heals actually land for quite a bit, even if they suck my mana bar dry (as opposed to 85, where they just suck my mana bar dry to little effect)

PvP is amazingly fun. Players die fast and a single heal can completely reset a 1v1 fight, so little mistakes can have huge consequences. It's fast and brutal the way it should be. Disc priests and resto druids are once again the utter bane of my existence, I have tried many many times and unless they really suck I cannot kill them. Everything has changed and yet nothing has changed.

Elladrion is now 6/7 normal modes down (and I even tanked most of em this week, YAY ME!). That would mean more if 7/7 meant you killed something. Instead, 7/7 means "Thank you, but you're princess is in another castle". 7/7 means nothing. 7/7 means less than 5/12 did in 4.0. Hell, it means less than 2/12 did last tier as that might have meant you killed (actually killed, not drove back) an elemental lord. How disheartening is that? Firelands is full of PITA fights that don't mean jack shit becuase you aren't actually fighting ragnaros unless it is heroic dificulty. It's like doing ICC but blizzard logging into your character during the final cutscene and typing "fuck you until you do it on heroic, you noob!" then releasing control back to you just in time to see arthas flip you the bird. It's just...empty. Rediculously, demoralizingly, utterly empty.

And that is SO sad, becuase Majordomo Staghelm is the most fun I've had on a fight in YEARS. Like, hands down my favorite fight this entire expansion, possibly last expansion too. Majordomo is more fun than all of the rest of T11 and T12 put together. It's HARD, especially on the healers, but man o MAN once you get it down it rocks. It's a fight where everyone has to be on the ball and paying attention the entire time, but it's still a BOSS fight and not a jump through hoops fight.