Saturday, April 16, 2011

Drained and apathetic

So tired right now, just absolutely mentally drained. Spent all afternoon trying to get my death knight geared, and it's put me in such a sour mood. Been a long time since I've died so much. I hate dying. Despise it even. It's not the gold, not at all, it's the wasted time corpserunning. It's rebuffing, of everyone getting back into position. It breaks up the flow, like some old mix tape where you're buddy decides to be funny and mixes nails on a chalkboard RIGHT when you're in the middle of a kickin' tune. What, just me? Well you get the idea then.

4/6 of the hroics being lost city of tol'vir didn't help any at all, even if 3 of them hadn't been a bust. Stupid place has very few decent items for any of my characters, but especially mele dps. I would have been even more down in the dumps, but a throne of tides run got me 3 new pieces, even if only 1 was truly an upgrade, I thought the entire day was gonna be a lesson in pain. My number had to come up at some point though, right?

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