Friday, April 29, 2011

Troll overload

4.1 is out! So many trolls, so many wipes. Oh the humanity! Elvinity? W/e, new content is out, new epics to be had, new fights to die over and over again to. Did some guild runs (those were fun) and some dungeonfinder runs (not so fun). Can't wait for the playerbase to get used to the fights, typing out the strat for Jin'do over and over and over again is exhausting, there is SO much in that fight to have to explain and watch for, especially compared to the final boss of ZA.

New ZA is pretty cool. I'm glad I did it back at 70 as many of the fights are more or less unchanged. Pheonix boss is especially fun, considering how much I hated that fight trying to heal it back at 70. FAR easier with half the people (and therefore half the flame orbs). Speaking of easier, I'm not sure why ZA in general is so much easier than ZG, the disparity in diffuculty is just odd.

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