Saturday, May 21, 2011

Al'Akir down, and all is right with the world

Well, nobody I know has disappeared yet, but then I have some pretty terrible friends so maybe the rapture has INDEED happened and we're all just left behind to rot. Even better, <Insomnia> is now 11/12 normal modes!

Took us 30 attempts, including quite a few wipes early on when the main tank was learning how to NOT get knocked off the platform, and for some reason phase 3 was just absolutely a nightmare for us. Nobody was grouping up, people were going up/down too far or not enough, adds were still killing people. We were pretty consistently getting him around 10%, but it just didn't seam to be getting any better. Didn't help that probably 1/3rd of those attempts we had a PUG dps since our warlock had something come up. First mage was pretty bad, only doing 8k dps and he left after 5 wipes or so. Replaced him with a shadowpriest PUG that one attempt did 6700, his highest of the 5+ attempts. But it was that or 9 man it.

Finally our 2nd warlock Pahn came back and magically, everything just clicked for phase 3. Nobody was panicking, everyone was staying close enough for heals but spread enough for lightnings, nobody was moving too far down from the clouds or dieing from them. We finished with only 3 dead, as you can see from the screenie, but man oh man did it just feel smooth that last attempt.

It's amazing the difference between when we started and when we finally downed him 4.5 hours later. All the tornadoes that nobody could dodge were 2nd nature, controlled killing of the adds went form hectic to handled, and most importantly for myself I got phase 3 down. 3D fights have ALWAYS messed me up, World of Warcraft is a poor format for them, and I was absolutely lost for most of the attempts. Couldn't see the clouds, was messing up my rotation, generally was the first one to die from stupidity. It's a good feeling when you have it down and execute it right.

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