Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tankadin HOOOOO!

Tried to post the other day but blogger was down /sadface. Busy week of wow, mostly pugging ZA/ZG on alts. Some good groups, many so-so, quite a few downright painful runs including the huntard of huntards. My warrior just has the WORST luck with groups. I'm just gonna leave this here, for you're perusal.

Yeah. At least he FINALLY got one of the 2-handers off of Jin'do.

Anyways, in even bigger World of Warcraft news I did 5/6 Blackwing Descent a second time and 3/4 Bastion of Twilight for a 3rd, but this time I was tanking! Go me! First time I've really raid tanked since 3.1, and most of the fights I was still quite unsure on, but I definitely learned them FAR better this time than I did following Crowing around (our resident guild rogue), like I had been doing. And best of all, I only caused 3 wipes all night, and only 1 of those was completely my fault! So, yeah, I got that going for me.Even better, I actually got some real upgrades this time around!

Vial of Stolen Memories for my tank set, and even better, Crushing Weight for my dps set. I had really been debating getting the Valor trinket or waiting to next week and replacing my crafted dps chest with a 3rd tier piece in case I get a shoulder token, and I was really leaning towards the trinket. Gotta love it when tough choices get made for you in a way that is completely win-win!

I had a 3rd thing to talk about, but thought escapes me so it mustn't have been terribly important.

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