Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby druid shenannigans

This is Arna, my latest alt. I need professional help, I know, but it's so much more expensive than $15 a month! Still, just been a blast leveling her. She was originally gonna be a male druid, but I really can't stand the male tauren models. I want to, I really do! They're freaking MINOTAURS after all! But...well...the hump...blech.

She started the night at level 6, so you can tell how much I enjoyed playing her. Surprising, considering how much I despised playing a rogue. Poor Nelethiel, she'll never level beyond 60, and only exists to get junkboxes for Elladrion's Ravenholdt rep, which she did. Worst 60 levels I've ever trundled through, with the exception of 30~40 when you could literally 2-shot mobs from stealth. Of course they nerfed that, but it was SOOOO fun while it lasted. Otherwise, I hate rogues mechanically. I love their stylings, their theme was quite fun, but their combat system is just not my thang.

So surprise surprise, feral druid is a BLAST. Mostly been bear-tanking those last 12 levels, I love it. Can't wait for feral charge. I think it's the clearcasting that makes the difference, and the fact that you're not screwed if you don't open up from stealth. I can actually go toe-to-toe with mobs, unlike the rogue, and I still get all the perks of stealth. I had actually planned on being mostly resto, but I think I may stay beartank assuming I stay interested all the way to 85. We'll see, the thought of the 80~85 zones a 10th time makes my stomach turn, at least he lowbie cataclysm stuff I've only seen once.

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