Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lag monster rears it's ugly head

Since we had attendace issues we only raided 1 night this week (see last post about me tanking), but we wanted to kill cho'gall to get some more shoulder tokens floating around. Shoulda been nice and easy after last weeks 2-shot, right? So, so wrong. Oh gods, the horror. First our rogue DCs while group is forming, his router died. So we bring in some people that haven't seen the fight or are really geared for it yet. The real problem is that 2 of the people use the same connection, and for some reason this week they get huge lag every time the adds spawn, which is perfect becuase they're the main ranged aoe dps.

Even so, we hit phase 2 every single time, even the time the MT DCed at 30%, but the last wave of adds are always messy. We were so close some attempts too, including a truly disheartening attempt where we died at .7% /sigh. 200k more damage and we woulda been done. As it is, we jus spent 3 hours geting facesmashed by tentacles and oozes, between a few low geared players and the laggy hunters we just didn't have the dps on them that was needed. The first cho'gall kill may not have meant much to me, but now I just want to bathe in his blood and scream at his stupid corpse.

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